Directedge – One of the Largest Stock Exchange in the US

Directedge is the third largest stock exchange in the USA, a growth that it has achieved within a very short span of time of less than 15 years since the time of its inception in the year 1998. It is an all electronic exchange which makes it highly efficient, fast and robust as well. Making use of this, several traders do what is known as high frequency trading in this stock exchange. High frequency trading or HFT in short is the type of trading where trades are placed within milliseconds by computers which have been programmed to execute trades at very high speeds. Such type of HFT is possible only in electronic exchanges and not in normal trading floor exchanges due to the speed of trades and the extremely quick fills that are required in this form of trading.
Though HFT is carried out by computers and are generally done only by institutional traders and investors, they are an important part of any exchange as they help to provide liquidity to the system which is so essential for any kind of trading in the capital markets. But recently, Directedge and other stock exchanges have begun to note that this is being misused by some traders and algorithms which places an enormous amount of pressure on the system resources and also gives a false notion to all those who do trading based on market analysis. Directedge has noticed that many algorithms place the trades at a very high frequency but also remove many trades before they are executed depending on how the market is moving and the direction in which it is moving. This means that the number of messages (as these types of placement and removal is called) to the number of actual trades becomes higher and higher leading to a waste of resources, money and effort for Directedge and also for the customers.
So, in order to cut down on this practice and also to control the load on the system, Directedge has begun to charge more for such traders. The rebates that are provided to the customers by the Directedge are given only for the normal traders and the rebates are either cut down or totally stopped for the traders who undertake HFT in this manner. This practice, they hope, will be able to control the flow of messages and also help in increase the percentage of actual trades that take place, which will in turn help in building up the liquidity in the system.
Directedge continues to be in the forefront for using the latest technological advancements and this measure, it believes, will help in the more logical and responsible usage of technology.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Online CD Duplication Service in Today’s melodies Industry

For an appearing singer, DJ, or band getting a ‘buzz’ about their work is hard to achieve. in addition to all of the obvious gifts essential to get fans, you furthermore need merchandise to be distributed. There are two edges of melodies distribution these days, those are digital and personal. Online downloads would be considered the digital distribution and notes, tapes, and CD’s would be advised the physical aspect of circulation. The digital edge of advancement is very important, yet I seem so numerous persons forget about the need for personal circulation.

In relation to the personal facet of circulation I will firmly be mentioning dvd copying  to the circulation of CD’s, because the last mentioned types of physical circulation are obsolete. The physical pattern of distribution will put a substantial product in the hands of your assembly. A computer computer computer disc that can be kept in their car or supplemented to a more sentimental assemblage of music, more sentimental then what digital forms of melodies offer. if it is for a last product or for advancement, physical distribution of your material is essential.

Many unaligned musicians and musicians alike seem the need to buy their own CD duplicators for their tasks. I couldn’t agree less with this decision except they had the laborers, time, and cash to asset such an procedure. Outsourcing your duplication desires to an online CD duplication service will save the most of instrumentalists and bands plenty of cash. The online CD duplication business of your choice will take on the task of employed for you on their own equipment which is generally top of the line. You will get a much better merchandise then you expected could have afforded if you tried to purchase duplicators and run your operation on your own. The only con to outsourcing this job in numerous events is the fact that you will be limited to the directions of the business you select; the majority of online replication services generally offer a broad kind of replication choices though.